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Before purchasing anime body pillowcases, please note the following:

Everyone thinks it is easy to buy anime human pillow cases. But this is a bit complicated. Human pillows are not the size that fits all common options. There are several different shapes and sizes of body pillows for anime girls. When you think of customized anime body pillowcases. You only think of rectangular pillowcases. But there are more body pillow anime girls.

Therefore, before buying anime girl body pillows, you should know the correct size. Getting the right size is very important. Otherwise, it will not fit your pillow. Therefore, the typical size of a standard anime girl body pillow will be 160cm x 50cm. But you have already seen a pillow case measuring 150cm x 50cm. Why is that? From here, things got complicated.

There are two types of anime girl body pillow cases on the market. One size is smaller. The smaller ones I mentioned earlier are not legal. They are unlicensed. Those with dimensions of 160cm x 50cm are legal and licensed. Therefore, please check the legal size before buying. In addition, it will help you find the original customized anime body pillowcase.

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