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The impact of pillow height on the body

Sleeping position, pillows and cervical spine, teach you how to choose the right pillow

The height and hardness of the pillow have direct or indirect effects on our sleep quality and health. This picture can actually more accurately reflect the relationship between the pillow and the cervical spine when sleeping on your back. Too high and too low will cause certain problems.

Pillow is too high
If you exclude the predisposing factors, such as neck pain, headache, dizziness, tinnitus and insomnia and other neurasthenia, or feel numbness in your hands and feet halfway through sleep, it is likely that your pillow is too high. As the saying goes, “Sit back and relax”, but it is not.

① An overly high pillow will cause the head and neck to drive forward and compress the spinal cord, causing cervical vertebrae to deform and cause cervical spondylosis;

② High pillows can also lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain, which is particularly detrimental to vertebral artery type cervical spondylosis;

③ At the same time, the soft tissues of the neck are excessively strained and fatigued, and stiff neck is prone to occur.

Pillow is too low
If you do not drink water before going to bed, but wake up and find that the face is puffy. This may be caused by the pillow being too low, causing slight congestion in the head. Low pillows can also cause many problems:

① Because the veins of the head have no valves, gravity can slow down the venous return of the brain and increase the blood supply of the arteries, resulting in head swelling, irritability, and insomnia;

② If the pillow is too low, the cervical spine is likely to be in the air, and the lower jaw will be lifted up, which makes it easier to breathe and cause snoring;

③ Low pillows also have adverse effects on patients with hypertension and atherosclerosis.

Right height
Modern research believes that under normal circumstances, the height of the pillow for Asian adults is 8~13cm.

Anastomosis with neck curve

A suitable pillow needs to fit the curvature of the cervical spine. Each person’s cervical spine curvature is different, and the suitable pillow height is also different.

Sleeping position, pillows and cervical spine, teach you how to choose the right pillow

For the pillow itself, the part that supports the back of the neck (neck curve) should be slightly higher and have a certain degree of hardness in order to set off and maintain the physiological curvature of the neck. The part that supports the back of the head should be 3-5cm lower than the above part, so that it can fully support the head and adapt to the height of the neck.

Sleeping position, pillows and cervical spine, teach you how to choose the right pillow

When in use, it is appropriate for the pillow to be close to the shoulders and neck, and to make full contact with the head, so that the cervical spine can be better relaxed.

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Before purchasing anime body pillowcases, please note the following:

Everyone thinks it is easy to buy anime human pillow cases. But this is a bit complicated. Human pillows are not the size that fits all common options. There are several different shapes and sizes of body pillows for anime girls. When you think of customized anime body pillowcases. You only think of rectangular pillowcases. But there are more body pillow anime girls.

Therefore, before buying anime girl body pillows, you should know the correct size. Getting the right size is very important. Otherwise, it will not fit your pillow. Therefore, the typical size of a standard anime girl body pillow will be 160cm x 50cm. But you have already seen a pillow case measuring 150cm x 50cm. Why is that? From here, things got complicated.

There are two types of anime girl body pillow cases on the market. One size is smaller. The smaller ones I mentioned earlier are not legal. They are unlicensed. Those with dimensions of 160cm x 50cm are legal and licensed. Therefore, please check the legal size before buying. In addition, it will help you find the original customized anime body pillowcase.

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What kind of pillow should the baby use?

Sleep is related to your baby’s long-term health. To let the baby sleep well, to ensure the blood circulation and normal development and growth of the head, it is very important to choose the right baby pillow.

  1. When does the baby use the pillow

The head of the newborn baby is almost shoulder width apart. When lying down, the back and back of the head are on the same plane; when lying on the side, the head and body are also on the same plane. Therefore, pillows can be omitted. But if the mattress is soft and your baby’s head is heavy, you can also use a lower pillow to keep your body balanced.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 71l0uQQGlTL._AC_SL1000_.jpg

Babies generally start to learn to raise their head after 3 months, the spine is no longer straight, and the neck of the spine begins to bend physiologically. At the same time, as the body develops, the shoulders gradually widen. In order to maintain the physical bending during sleep and keep the body comfortable, you can start using pillows for your baby. Otherwise, the baby’s sleep and normal development will be affected due to the low head position.

  1. The scale of the baby pillow

The main function of the pillow is to support the cervical spine, so the height of the baby pillow must be adapted to it. For babies under three months of age, if they need pillows, they can be replaced by folding several layers of towels. After three months, a pillow with a height of 4 cm is generally sufficient. As you age, you can adjust the height of the pillow at any time. The standard of this height is that after the baby falls on the pillow, his head and body are in balance without the uncomfortable state of sinking and raising. The length of the pillow is equal to the width of the baby’s shoulders, and the width is about the height of the baby’s head.

  1. The material of the baby pillow

The baby grows fast, has a strong metabolism, and sweats more on the head. It is easy to soak the pillow when sleeping, sweat and dandruff are mixed, and the baby often drools, moist saliva and stolen goods on the scalp are easy to remain on the pillow. It is easy to cause skin infections and other diseases. Therefore, the baby’s sleep health must be paid attention to. Secondly, the baby pillow must have good moisture absorption and ventilation.

Infant concave pillow

Good sex, moderate hardness, etc. It is best to use natural, non-toxic and odor-free pillow cores for the pillow core, such as buckwheat husk, tea, chrysanthemum, etc. The filler should be aired frequently to avoid excessive sweat and mold. The new type of memory foam pillow filling material has good elasticity, air permeability and high plasticity, can support the head and reduce head pressure, and is also a good choice for pillows. The pillowcase is best to choose pure cotton and velvet, and the moisture absorption is the best and close to the skin.

  1. The height of the baby pillow

The 4-5 months old baby’s cervical spine begins to bend forward. At this time, in order to let the baby breathe smoothly and grow his body smoothly, you can use a 1cm high pillow, of course, you can also use a cotton towel instead. The towel is folded to about 1cm height. That’s it. For babies from 3 to 6 months, the most reasonable pillow height should be less than 3 cm. Properly raise the height of the pillow after 6 months, preferably 3~4 cm.

  1. The hardness of the baby pillow

The baby pillow must not be too hard. During the baby’s growth period, the skull and other skulls are relatively soft, and the combination is not strong. Long-term use of rigid pillows can lead to deformation of the baby’s skull. Depressed at or several places.

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How does pregnant woman choose the pillow that suits her?

It is necessary for pregnant women to choose special pillows during pregnancy. The pregnant mother pillow is a special pillow for pregnant women, whose main effect is to assist the pregnant mother in a special period to maintain the waist, abdomen, legs. And pregnant mother to ensure adequate sleep, good for the health of the baby, and warm sleeping environment, comfortable bedding, appropriate pillow is the key to the sweet and stable pregnancy mother sleep. So how does a pregnant mother choose the most suitable pillow? TAIDINA shares her list of six things to do with a pregnant pillow.

  1. Choose a pillow that is moderately soft and hard.

Pregnant mother in sleep by the weight of the baby in the belly, often want to reverse the body, so to choose a soft and hard moderate pillow, so pillow is more comfortable, good pillow will let the neck hanging, too soft pillow easily lead to poor blood circulation.

  1. Choose a longer pillow.

The sleeping habit that the woman can present to toss and turn occasionally during be pregnant, in order to prevent to return the body when the head fell through, chose to grow a few pillows as far as possible, although pregnant mother turns a body in large scope so, the head also is not likely to fall through.

  1. Choose a special neck pillow.

Some pregnant mother body is too fat, can choose to take the pillow that protects neck, can maintain neck of utmost degree so, neck holds can let neck get abundant loosen, also have certain massage effect, conduce to improve sleeping quality.

4.the appropriate amount to the pillow to add sleeping things.

Want to let pregnant mother sleep better, can increase cassia seed, chrysanthemum and other data to the pillow, to promote sleep, improve sleep quality is very helpful.

  1. Choose pillows with good air permeability.

In hot summer, choose the pillow with good permeability is very important, can prevent pregnant mother to give birth to prickly heat not only, still can let pregnant mother sleep more melting, but the pillow of mat type gives pregnant mother to use less, bad to the body.

  1. Choose a lighter pillow.

The pillow of pregnant mother wants to choose colour a few lighter, also can choose colorless, won’t have the damage that fades color so. Now many dark cloth contains a variety of harmful dyes, use for a long time will be harmful to the health of the body, especially pregnant mothers, try to use color or light pillow.

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The steps for choosing a special pillow for pregnant women are as follows

  1. The shape of the pillow:
    The problem on the pillow The cervical spine is located at the uppermost part of the human spine, wrapped in the neck and composed of 7 vertebrae. The so-called physiological arc is a smooth, forward-facing arc formed by these 7 vertebrae. The function of the pillow is to maintain this normal physiological curve. How to maintain a normal physiological curvature depends on whether you are really clear about the choice of pillow height and softness.
    How to choose:
    The height and softness of the pillow are the key. According to analysis, when a person lies on his back, the cervical spine is most suitable for bending about 3 cm. Pillows that are too high or too low, too soft or too hard, will affect both the quality of sleep and health. It also causes and aggravates the hidden dangers of cervical spondylosis. A good pillow should be able to support the head and neck at the best angle, moderate in hardness, and quickly return to its original shape after being compressed, and it is not easy to deform after long-term use.
    In traditional pillows, the head is placed on the highest part of the pillow, and the cervical spine is suspended, which makes the neck muscles and ligament joint bundles in a tense state, and the passage of the vertebral artery is blocked. Only after waking up, the neck becomes stiff and dizzy. According to ergonomics, the shape of the pillow with a “high front and low back” shape is most conducive to cervical spine health. This pillow can use the front protruding part to maintain the physiological curvature of the cervical spine. Pillow replacement self-examination criteria: In the absence of other physical diseases, I often feel numbness in my neck after getting up in the morning. This is the shape of the pillow is wrong
  2. The height of the pillow:
    The height of the pillow also varies from person to person. Although there is an old saying that “sit back and relax”, it is not that the higher the pillow, the better. Because the pillow is too high, no matter what posture you sleep in, it will affect your sleep. It will not maintain the normal curvature of the cervical spine, but will go backwards, which will increase the burden of the cervical spine and may also cause stiff neck. Similarly, a pillow that is too low is not good, because a pillow that is too low will congest the head and easily cause swelling of the eyelids and face.
    How to choose high:
    As the saying goes, sitting back and worry-free, in fact, high pillows make the cervical spine too forward, and the soft tissues of the neck are over-tightened and fatigued, which may cause stiff neck. At the same time, too high pillows can cause insufficient blood supply to the brain, which is particularly detrimental to vertebral artery cervical spondylosis. On the contrary, some people like to sleep without a pillow or the pillow is too low. This is not good. The cervical spine is easily suspended, and the lower jaw will be lifted up. It is easy to breathe and snore.
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What kind of experience is it to sleep with anime body pillow at night?

If you want to sleep well, all ages are recommended. It will be very comfortable, especially for people with sensitive bodies. I have discussed with the girl paper, the girl paper will be very comfortable to be held moderately tightly on the collarbone, in fact, I am the same as the boy paper. In addition, like me, I have been used to lying on the right side since I was young, and I want to hold whatever my thighs like with my arms (isn’t it strange that boys like to hug…), pillows are simply a godsend happiness.

Before the anime body pillow, I seldom slept well and felt restless at night. With the pillow, I will never toss and turn again. Psychological satisfaction is also important. Effectively treat emptiness and loneliness. It’s not all kinds of YY. If you just hold it, you will not be lonely subconsciously. It feels warm (although it is my own temperature).

It feels like a hug…This is also one of the reasons why all ages are recommended, because the respondent is an atypical dead house, and the unconventional gentleman (/∇\) likes hugs and kisses most ~ How can I feel like sleeping well when I am here… The peace of mind given by the pillow is unspeakable. Unless you have a partner like Qiongmei, the other party must have freedom, privacy, space, and feelings, and the possibility of leaving.

But the anime body pillow will never leave you! And it’s up to your mind (in my opinion, a passive girlfriend is not as good as a 2wt pillow… If you are very active, you can achieve what a pillow can’t). This sense of security makes me seem to have been redeemed, who was often restless and cranky at night. The pillow will not leave you! ! ! As for the inflatable doll, I haven’t used it and don’t want to use it…Isn’t it just *…just personal feeling. There is a big difference between people.

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My 15-year-old son bought a human pillow with anime characters without my permission. what should I do?

What is the problem? Your son is 15 years old, so it’s no big deal to buy an anime character body pillow. Yes, it might be a bit awkward if the character is under-dressed…but it’s good. Did you know that anime is Japanese animation? Unlike Western animation, most animations are prepared for children. Teenagers are a perfectly normal target group for animation creation in Japan. It’s basically the same, here, in Western TV series for teenagers.. Except. Compared with Western series, the attention paid to “focusing on girls” in anime or actually having sex or similar behavior in anime is much lower (unless you choose Adult category, and usually easy to avoid). Although “teasing” is normal (so why I wouldn’t be surprised if anime characters are well dressed).. The true gender or attention to the relationship is not important. The characters may eventually date, they will overcome difficulties when dating, there may be potential sexual tension between the characters, and so on. But-in the end, if gender is far less important than the Western series of age groups, then the ultimate gender. Besides, it is a body pillow. On the outside of the picture, it is just a pillow for sleeping (if I were an adult doll, I would be even more worried, but even then he is still 15 years old.).

Now-if the problem is that he bought the pillow money with you… that is a bigger problem. If he had never been in contact before, and he was actually stealing money…that was theft, then he must at least be stranded. If you have intentionally and willingly granted him access before, and he has little reason to believe that you may not want him to buy this product. …Simply ask him why he bought a pillow (maybe fun because he wants a body pillow and wants to be comfortable at night because he likes it or something else.. It might be a good idea to ask). If he bought a pillow with his own money, then. Unless the pillow is very inappropriate (in this case, you should probably tell him to cover the pillow), you should choose to fight. Given that he may often go home drunk, take drugs, skip school or even drop out, watch a lot of porn, make his girlfriend pregnant, join a criminal gang, steal things, and more. .-The body pillow looks like a stupid thing. (At least unless he stole the money… but the pillow is your least trouble).

.. I assume it looks like this;

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How does your family rate your anime body pillow?

In fact, at the beginning, my family was very opposed to my preference for two dimensions. Before my third year (grade 8), I didn’t even dare to put up posters on the bedroom wall, and now there are only three. When I was in the semester of higher school, I mustered my courage to buy the only pillow in my life so far.

A normal Hatsune anime body pillow is actually a more suitable pillow. Those who dare not buy R-18 are afraid that the family will not accept it. The family didn’t accept it at first. My dad probably looks unpleasant but can’t say anything, he just scolded me for wasting money. My mother said, “Aren’t you embarrassed to hold a beautiful girl?” I said, “Isn’t it just a pillow?” In fact, I was thinking: “Is there anything wrong with holding my female ticket?” The knights don’t come to spray, think about parallel universe theory, manual funny) Then the family basically agreed to it.
I always wash the anime bod pillowcases myself, and they never wash it for me. Sometimes my mother would refute me from a health point of view: “I put a big pillow to cover my face at night. Isn’t it dirty? Isn’t it hot? Doesn’t it affect your breathing? No…” I denied them all, “No Dirty! Not hot! No influence! No…”
Sometimes my mother said that I was a fetish: “People are fetishes for small children, you didn’t fetish when you were a kid! Why did you start fetishes when you grew up?” I laughed and said nothing: What fetish, you are called love!
By the way, it’s so comfortable to sleep with your arms around the pillow. (# Funny) It’s not only okay, but also slapped (crossed out). In a blink of an eye, this pillow has been with me for more than a year, and the pillowcase has pilled. It’s almost time to change the pillowcase. However, first of all, I have to have money…orz In short, the family’s attitude towards this pillow and my other collections is basically the same, which is tacit approval. This is also due to my resistance all the time. After all, to like is to like. To use the lines in “My sister”, “I am not me anymore”. What you like is to strive for yourself. Well!
It is estimated that in their eyes, the only difference is that this one I want to sleep with is one step closer to perversion than the slightly sexy poster? (#funny)

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I was shocked when I bought a waiting pillow for the first time

​I have been curious, why would anyone buy something like a body pillow, isn’t it just a pillow, and then change a vest to a cover, how can so many people like it?

Especially the kind of body pillows printed with various “waves in waves” anime characters, isn’t it shameful to paly?

​Until I (he) bought an awesome waiting pillow because of curiosity. After I bought it, I found out that the waiting pillow of good material is really comfortable to hold!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 61dBeWRAiNL._SL1500_-1024x1024.jpg

And also printed with your favorite characters, double happiness! The most important thing is that the feeling after hug is different, and I get a little comfort in my heart.

So the question is, what kind of feeling is this out of? What netizens said–

Law of Comfort:
​Now when I sleep without a pillow, I always feel that there is something strange and uncomfortable on my chest; especially when winter is here, you can try to sleep naked on 2 layers of quilts plus a pillow.

I don’t know why. I like to sleep with a pillow when I was young. I usually sleep with something in my hug, or roll the quilt into a ball to sleep, which is more comfortable!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Anime-YURI-on-ICE-Custom-Dakimakura-Yuri-Katsuki-Victor-Nikiforov-Hugging-Body-Pillow-Case-150cm-Cosplay.jpg

(Yes, yes, when I was young, I also liked sleeping with a quilt in it, it was very comfortable)

The law of true fragrance:
​I used to think it was disgusting to buy pillows from a dead house. I didn’t expect that after I went to college and became wealthy, I would buy it all by myself… Now there are two pillows and a dozen pillowcases lying on the bed. Which pillowcase.

It feels like I used to feel disgusting and dead. It smells so good!

The law of true love:
​Even the beloved woman’s big, forehead, strayed, even the beloved paper man pillow, do not have the courage to abandon other people’s criticism, to hug, to pay for love, are you still a qualified second-spindle?

No, you just greet her behind the screen, but you dare not get her. Therefore, the True Love Party has never just used love to generate electricity, but emptied their flowers.

(A local tyrant is more worthy to have true love, even if his wife is a two-dimensional, wow~)

However, there is one point. It takes courage to buy this kind of pillow. If you are discovered by your relatives and friends, you will probably be looked at yourself with weird eyes. Congratulations, already He was publicly executed.

And the shame acceptance of boys and girls is completely different. Even if girls like anime and are incorrigible with the two-dimensional male god, they rarely buy this kind of waiting pillow.

Most of us are just stuffed toys, but there are a lot of them, the bedside is full, and half of the room is full!

What do you think?

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What is the best way to clean up anime dakimakura?

As a member of the otaku family, we usually buy anime dakimakuras. We are all used to calling them wives. Apart from her parents, she is now the most familiar person to us. Every night, we will keep close contact with our wife, but we will inevitably produce grease and other dirt. When we come into contact with “wives”, these dirt will be transferred to them. I have bought a lot of pillows. I want to better maintain its cleanliness. So I asked the salesperson of halodakimakura, who I often buy on the website. They gave me a suggestion, whether it is for our wife’s long-term beauty or our own health, it’s best to clean it every two weeks. If you want to wash less clothes, you should take a bath every night. Well, don’t talk nonsense. There are two main types of pillow cleaning, one is machine washing and the other is hand washing.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 69044__33508.1547224580-789x1024.jpg
  1. Remove the cover from the pillow.
  2. Use mild non-bleaching detergent in the washing machine.
  3. Put cold water into the washing machine, and then run the washing machine.
  4. Dry, but do not use the drying function. After drying, put it in a cool and dry place.
  5. For stubborn stains, please use bleach-free soap and a soft toothbrush to wipe gently.

Hand wash method:

  1. Gently remove the cover from the pillow.
  2. Find a cleaner container, such as a bathtub, and add cold water.
  3. Add a mild non-bleaching detergent to the water, put the lid in the water, and then brush it off with a soft, clean toothbrush.
  4. After removing stains, rinse with clean water. Repeat 2-3 more times.
  5. Use a washing machine without drying function to dry, and then dry in a cool and ventilated place.