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Do pillows need pillowcases?

It will depend on the pillow you buy. Many toddler pillows can be machine washed, so you don’t need a pillowcase. Many parents now prefer to have pillowcases to match the sheets on their children’s bed.

Owning a pillowcase is a good choice, but make sure to choose a pillowcase specifically designed for toddler pillows. Any excess fabric on adult pillowcases poses a choking hazard.

Also remember these things

  1. Pillowcases dry faster than pillows, which makes it easier to clean up after a mess.
  2. Put an extra layer on the pillow to prevent long-lasting odors.
  3. The pillowcase makes the pillow more comfortable.
  4. In most cases, the pillowcase will be mixed with or contain mess, so when a mess occurs, your entire pillow does not have to be in a malfunctioning state.
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