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Some anime fans call it Dakimakura (aka human pillow). What is their meaning?

I saw the cartoon TV show “We Bare Bears” for the first time. The character panda has an unhealthy fascination with Miki-Chan who is Pillow (or he claims to be his girlfriend).

Miki-chan is Dakimakura (hugging pillow dakimakura) (“hugging | daki” comes from the Japanese verb “抱抱る| dakiru”, which means “to hug or cling to”, and “pillow | makura” means “pillow” ) A large pillow from Japan; they are also referred to as human pillows. They are famous for having Bishojo (beautiful girl bishōjo | beautiful girl lit up) or Bishonen (beautiful young man bishōnen | beautiful young man lit [boy]) on the front and back of their bodies. The pillows of characters in anime, games, manga/manga, etc., make them appear in various poses, even with hints. They have become very popular in the otaku (オタ otaku) culture.

Anime body pillows first appeared in Japan to comfort young men and women with fetish washes. But the phenomenon of fetishism is not unique to Japan, and many such people exist all over the world. Many shops in Japan provide these people with interesting products (Dakimakura).

Dakimakura (anime body pillow) has become a very popular custom pillow all over the world. Personalized customization service can design a pillow suitable for everyone. In particular, the prevalence of Japanese animation has driven the development of Dakimakura’s industry.

In the future, Dakimakura will enter our lives more commonly.

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