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Why do people put pillows between their thighs when they sleep?

This is a very interesting question, because most people have the habit of sleeping with a pillow between their thighs.

By installing a pillow between your thighs, your legs will be properly supported and spaced to balance the hips and maintain a neutral spine. This causes the hips and spine to align, which allows the back muscles to relax and get a good rest.

This is an article that explains the many benefits of sleeping on a knee pillow.

Your legs will no longer seek support, and your knees will benefit from proper spacing, eliminating the need for knee beating. Everything is in harmony and you should fall asleep faster and deeper, thereby improving the quality of sleep.

Align the hips and spine-by properly supporting and spacing your legs, your hips will stand upright and keep your spine neutral, prevent pulling back and straighten your spine without back pain.
Reduce leg movement-by keeping your legs close together, your legs no longer look for positions, so you sleep faster and deeper.
Distribute the lower body evenly-by allowing the legs to help the buttocks support the lower body, the muscles can relax and relax.
The ideal choice is an ergonomically designed knee pillow that fits comfortably between your thighs. This pillow is made of rich memory foam and can be continuously supported at night, similar to this.
Putting a pillow between the thighs can help you fall asleep more comfortably and promote the rapid blood circulation of the body. It seems that this is an instinctive requirement of our body, because most of us like this kind of action.

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