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Why do some people like to cuddle with a pillow?

There are many reasons why you like to hug pillows like this.

First; if you want to X-ray the pillow, you will find that there are no bones inside. Compared to other hug relatives, this makes the hug pillow more snug.

Second; hugs are closely related to our nostalgia, such as mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, grandparents, father Christmas, casual strangers sn together, that big guy is Joe or Joseph Fen has hairy arms. We found Yeti/Sasquatch in the woods a few days ago, and more. What is better than hugging? Hugging a pillow can approximate the waist height of someone you know and love. Since pillows are usually rectangular, they can accurately simulate the middle section without arms, chest, belly buttons or lower torso. Embrace fun in the form of pleasant materials.

Third; the tactile characteristics of the pillow can be fully dual-armed. If the pillow is big enough, you can wrap your legs on the pillow like a lover. You can put the top of the pillow on your face and let yourself be wrapped in a soft material, so as to realize the joy and unity of the pillow toning spoon. If you want to be more intimate, you can kiss on the pillow with your mouth or…

Fourth; Pillow will never speak, never fart or bel, never bother you to stop beating. The pillow always sticks to the love for you. It smells a bit problematic at first, no problem, you only need to provide it with cotton, polyester, hemp, bamboo or silk corset (pillowcase), and it will return love to you. If the pillow is an important person in your life, when the life of the pillow expires, you can discard it or refill it. Can you say the same to humans, dogs, cats, giraffes, and gerbils? (Technically, you can stuff all these things, but do you really want them to lie on the bed and stare into their cold glass eyes?)

Fifth: You can bring pillows with essential oils into new sensory ups and downs. Have a cold or flu? How about good eucalyptus oil. Do I need to get off early? Lavender baby! You can sprinkle that pillow according to your wish (just don’t put it near the open flame).

Remember, the pillow is life, not just Christmas. (Unless it is a Christmas pillow, it will most likely be in the box within 11 months of the year and will only appear around Christmas, thus invalidating the statement).

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