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Why is my pillow so uncomfortable to sleep?

It may be that your body sinks too much into the mattress.

If this is the case, placing your head above the mattress will force your neck to bend to an uncomfortable angle and will not align with the spine.

To test this, lie on your current mattress without a pillow. Concentrate and pay attention to the angle between the back and the neck. Is the angle too big or too small? Which areas do you need to support to bridge any unsupportable gaps between the body and the mattress?

Try rolling up a few towels to fill these areas to create an angle that will make you feel a little (good) stretch of your back. During the day, we tend to sit at a desk, drive or bend over to prepare to do things with our hands in order to bear the heavy load, so it feels good to sleep in a posture opposite to this posture.

When you wake up, you will see a pillow of the desired shape and size (if any).

I slept on a very sturdy buckwheat husk mattress, but my body did sink into it, so the tall “American” pillow was not suitable for me. When I lie down, all I need to align my neck and spine is my lavender chaff neck pillow.

I only need to push the hull to the side to put its head in the bowl, and then cover a row of taller hulls to fill the gap between the shoulders and the head. Sleeping on the hull means less tossing and turning, so I can sleep in this position all night. After I woke up, I felt very rested, my back felt great, and I was ready for the next day!

Choosing the pillow and mattress that suits you is a very important thing. Usually, most of us don’t care about these small details, which affects our health. At present, many professional pillow customization manufacturers have also emerged. They can not only customize the material and height of the pillow, but also customize their favorite group on the pillowcase.

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